Melissa Toledo is the creator of My Urban Backyard. Her designs draw inspiration from the timeless elegance of Art Deco and her time spent in both New York City and the Pacific Northwest and showcase the beauty of nature that surrounds her. Her subjects range from cats, raccoons, and coyotes to flowers and more.

Get ready to be thrilled as you browse through our carefully curated collection of products that are designed to bring joy and inspiration to your urban oasis. 🎁

Merchant's Note: We are proud to have our designs brought to life by skilled print shops from across the United States of America. Utilizing 'white-label' parts, every order is meticulously handcrafted to meet your expectations. Rest assured, should any issue arise, our print shops are masters at making things right. 🇺🇸

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    My Urban Backyard takes pride in being woman owned and led!

  • Direct To Consumer

    With our print-on-demand approach, we eliminate unnecessary middlemen, guaranteeing top-notch quality at a fair cost.

  • High-Quality Workmanship

    Our products are crafted exclusively for you at top-notch print shops across the United States of America.

  • Printer Order Deadlines

    Typical Production Time: 4 - 10 Days

    Shipping Time, USA: 2 - 7 Business Days

2023 Copyright (©) Notice: At My Urban Backyard, we showcase original and unique art pieces crafted by Melissa Toledo. Our collection includes AI-generated art and original illustrations of Hummingbirds named Keekee, Keiko, Duko, Deekum, Ryoko, and Kaarik, which are all exclusively copyrighted by Melissa Toledo. All rights reserved. USA.